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2011-11-01 (Tue)
So we've reached the end. I meant to take a more leisurely pace, but life has taken a sudden turn and I decided to finish this off in a day so I can take care of more pressing matters. Lucky for you, kinda stressful for me. (What's with all those transparent bubbles and text right over the drawings!)
First one is a short story about Karada and "someone." While I was cleaning the chapter I was thinking, who is that? I should have known from the start. I never did like that someone.
The other story is another tale about the wishing stone.
This time no waiting! You can read or download all the chapters.
final chapter
omake 1
omake 2
Okay, I've finished what I set out to do.
I'll leave this blog to collect dust. Maybe review random manga. Who knows?
Enjoy the manga.
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2011-10-30 (Sun)
A Halloween release with an evil witch included!
This is the extra long final chapter of the main story. Hope you like the ending. All that's left is two more omake chapters.
As usual the dl will come later. For now, download chapter 20.
It's at least a little better than the dl floating around that was ripped from the reader.
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2011-10-27 (Thu)
Chapter 20 is up for reading!
Downloads for this will be posted in the next release.
It shouldn't be too long. I'm trying to get everything done quickly before real life stuff catches up to me.
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