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2011-10-30 (Sun)
A Halloween release with an evil witch included!
This is the extra long final chapter of the main story. Hope you like the ending. All that's left is two more omake chapters.
As usual the dl will come later. For now, download chapter 20.
It's at least a little better than the dl floating around that was ripped from the reader.
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2011-10-27 (Thu)
Chapter 20 is up for reading!
Downloads for this will be posted in the next release.
It shouldn't be too long. I'm trying to get everything done quickly before real life stuff catches up to me.
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2011-10-22 (Sat)
Here you go:
Asatte no Houkou ch.19- MF
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2011-10-20 (Thu)
Hello! I started this blog to post releases of Asatte no Houkou. As you probably know, the last group that was working on it has become inactive. I'm not a group, but a mere fan of the manga. I found translations and scans, put them together and voilà! A scanlation is born.

You can start reading ch.19 by clicking on the thumbnail above.
I'm still working on the rest of the chapters.

About the site name:
The english title of AnH has the phrase "day after tomorrow." in other words "2 days after." I didn't want the name to sound like a wait policy. Hence, "Today's After." Now it's more like a nod to bad English.

Downloads will be available in...(you guessed it) 2 days!

Thanks for stopping by!

By the way, clap=like. A way to say thanks if you so choose. ^_^
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