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2011-10-20 (Thu)
Hello! I started this blog to post releases of Asatte no Houkou. As you probably know, the last group that was working on it has become inactive. I'm not a group, but a mere fan of the manga. I found translations and scans, put them together and voilà! A scanlation is born.

You can start reading ch.19 by clicking on the thumbnail above.
I'm still working on the rest of the chapters.

About the site name:
The english title of AnH has the phrase "day after tomorrow." in other words "2 days after." I didn't want the name to sound like a wait policy. Hence, "Today's After." Now it's more like a nod to bad English.

Downloads will be available in...(you guessed it) 2 days!

Thanks for stopping by!

By the way, clap=like. A way to say thanks if you so choose. ^_^
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