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2011-11-01 (Tue)
So we've reached the end. I meant to take a more leisurely pace, but life has taken a sudden turn and I decided to finish this off in a day so I can take care of more pressing matters. Lucky for you, kinda stressful for me. (What's with all those transparent bubbles and text right over the drawings!)
First one is a short story about Karada and "someone." While I was cleaning the chapter I was thinking, who is that? I should have known from the start. I never did like that someone.
The other story is another tale about the wishing stone.
This time no waiting! You can read or download all the chapters.
final chapter
omake 1
omake 2
Okay, I've finished what I set out to do.
I'll leave this blog to collect dust. Maybe review random manga. Who knows?
Enjoy the manga.
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